Chanel finishes processing of fur and exotic leather

Use of biotech leather not excluded in the future

For the future, Chanel has set itself the goal of no longer manufacturing products from exotic animals or fur. Only the skin of animals, which remains as a waste product in the food industry, will continue to be processed. This was announced by Chanel President Bruno Pavlovsky to the magazine Handelsblatt. From May, fur will officially disappear from the collection.

As a reason for the new strategy Chanel stated that it is becoming more and more difficult to get leather from crocodiles, lizards, snakes or stingrays of good origin. “More and more customers also want to know where the materials come from and how the animals are kept. It’s all about traceability” he said. Otherwise, the leather would not meet Chanel’s ethical standards.

However, Pavlovsky does not rule out the use of biotech leather in the future. “But that won’t happen in the near future” he said.