Hermes increases fees for delivery to doorstep

Parcel deliverers shall be better paid

Parcel delivery service Hermes has now announced that customers will have to expect rising shipping costs in the future. After DHL, Hermes is the second largest parcel delivery company in Germany.

“We will differentiate prices more strongly. This also means, among other things, that front door delivery will become more expensive” Hermes-Germany boss Olaf Schabirosky said. Schabirosky cannot influence how and whether mail-order companies settle the additional costs with their customers. “That could be. But how online merchants agree this with their customers is up to them”.

Hermes had already raised prices per parcel by around 4.5 percent in spring. The price increase in the coming year is expected to be similarly high. “All in all, we want to increase the price of a parcel by 50 cents. But this can only be done in several steps.”

The main reason for the price increase is the goal of being able to pay more money to postmen. “We have currently announced a minimum wage of 9.50 euros. In about four years we will reach 12 euros.”

Meanwhile, the pressure of the mail order business is having an impact on the entire industry. The number of parcels shipped is increasing from year to year. At the same time, however, the number of parcel service providers is declining. The main reason for this is the low wages that are common in the industry.

But despite all this, most parcel service providers have not yet been able to establish higher prices. Over the past few years, revenue per parcel sent has continued to rise.