Mymuesli withdraws from offline market

Decline in the number of customers

The company Mymuesli is cutting back its offline business with immediate effect. A total of 20 out of 50 Mymuesli shops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have been closed in recent months. According to founder Max Wittrock, further closures will follow.

According to Wittrock, the reason for the withdrawal is a decline in the number of customers. In the future, they will therefore preferable focus on a few large branches rather than many small ones. In addition to the sale of muesli, there will also be coffee and muesli to enjoy locally. A shop of this kind already exists at Munich’s Viktualienmarkt.

Mymuesli was founded in 2007 by Hubertus Bessau and Philipp Kraiss. At that time it was a small online shop that gave customers the opportunity to create their own individual muesli. Sometime later, ready mixes came onto the market, which can be bought in supermarkets. The first Mymuesli shop opened in 2009.

Even though the turnover from the closed branches has now been eliminated, according to Wittrock the company is still “right on schedule”. Mymuesli had presented the latest figures at the beginning of the year. According to the figures, 51.1 million euros were realized in 2016.