Startup “Flaschenpost” conquers Bochum

Beverage delivery in 120 minutes

The beverage delivery service “Flaschenpost” is now also available in Bochum. The company has rented a warehouse and logistics area and now employs over 100 people in the Werne district. From here, orders are delivered to the entire city area. “Our goal is to employ over 400 people” says Lange. In addition, the fleet, which currently consists of around 50 delivery cars, shall be expanded to 100 vehicles.

The idea behind the company is too simple to be true: Customers order their drinks online and have them delivered to their doorstep within 120 minutes. The empties are taken back. There is no delivery charge.

However, this model only works because Flaschenpost can save money in many other places. “We buy the products directly from the manufacturer and avoid expensive interim storage” explains marketing employee Christoph Huesmann. Instead, the cartons are stored in Werne. “We are extremely happy with the object. Above all, the connection is good” says Lange about the warehouse.

The company processes around 500 orders per day here. In the future there will be around 2000 orders per day. The customers are very different. From senior citizens to open-plan offices or shared flats, everything is included. But everyone has the same wish: “Today’s customers expect speed. We do everything we can to meet the delivery time.”

And that seems to be exactly the recipe for success of Flaschenpost. The company has already successfully established themselves in eight major cities, and a growth freeze does not seem to appear in sight. Only recently, another hall was rented in the port of Duisburg. Further locations are planned.

It is particularly important to have regional products in the assortment: “The beverage market is strongly regional” says Huesmann. “That’s why the range is different in every city” explains Kai Lange. “Bochum would not function without Fiege.”